Bill Pay

Save time, money and energy by paying bills with Casco Federal Credit Union’s online bill pay. Finally there is a solution to writing multiple checks, addressing envelopes and racing to the post office for stamps. This service is available to all members with checking accounts and is free for members with direct deposit. This convenient service allows you to pay anyone anytime from your personal computer.

Bill Pay is accessed through our home banking site. To begin all information about the payee must be entered into the system; this includes the name, address, and account number for the bill. Once the payee information is registered, log in before your due date to post a one-time payment. On average, payments are credited to the payee within six business days. Payments will be sent electronically if the payee is able to receive electronic payments; otherwise a physical check will be mailed. Payment histories are available with this service. You can view transaction information or view the cleared check for up to one year after the bill has been paid.

Click here to access an online demo of our Bill Pay Service.

Online Bill Pay gives you several payment options:

    • You’re in Control! One-time payments can be manually made each month.
    • Short on time? Pay several payees at once using the Express Payment function.
    • Going away? Future payments can be scheduled up to 1 year in advance.
    • Looking for peace of mind? Set up reoccurring payments and never worry about due dates and late payments again, we will take care of everything.

To access Bill Pay, please return to our Home page and sign onto your Online account.