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Help Kids Lean Financial Skills — and Have Fun — with this Free Online Game

Pack your bags, and take a trip to MoneyIsland! It's a free, online game where kids ages 8 to 14 have fun while learning money management skills. 

MoneyIsland meets national standards for financial literacy, and was designed by an award-winning teacher. Kids venture to exotic locations, while tracking their progress on a real-life passport!

  • Free online game with multiple quests
  • Ideal for kids ages 8 to 14
  • Parents, teachers, and guardians can play too!
  • Track progress with a real-life passport
  • Have fun while learning money management skills
  • Developed by an award-winning teacher
  • Meets national standards for financial literacy

Kids learn lessons of financial responsibility while having fun! In MoneyIsland, kids get to play while learning by doing.

Colorful characters introduce the lessons and interact with players along the way. Kids earn, spend, and invest as they strive to be gurus that are ready for financial success.

The knowledge kids gain can serve them throughout their lives — and put them on track to a healthy retirement before they've earned their first paycheck! 


Though kids love games, they also love real-life rewards! Once players complete the MoneyIsland game, they receive an award certificate. Bring that certificate to any Casco Federal Credit Union branch to pick up the rewards!


The passport is a cool way to connect the online experience to a real-world item — kids use the passport to track their progress through the MoneyIsland world with colorful stickers. The passport reinforces the images, characters, and lessons learned in the game. It's also another way for grown-ups to interact with kids as they learn!

Though designed primarily for youth ages 8 to 14, the lessons in MoneyIsland can serve players throughout their lives.

The content in MoneyIsland is aligned with national standards published by the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. The game is designed to develop skills in 3 key areas: Managing Money, Saving & Investing, and Using Credit Wisely. 

Lessons are presented as the player ventures to these exotic places:

  • Quest 1 (The Eiffel Tower): Spend, Grow, & Give
  • Quest 2 (The Great Wall of China): Wants & Needs & Taxes
  • Quest 3 (The Sphinx): Types of Income
  • Quest 4 (Big Ben): Understanding Interest
  • Quest 5 (Atlantis): Using Credit Wisely
  • Quest 6 (The Acropolis): Building Wealth

Free lesson plans are available to compliment each quest. The lesson plans offer ideas for more activities to reinforce the financial fundamentals learned throughout MoneyIsland.